Home Health Solutions, Inc. and its partner, MyMedMart, Inc. provide home health care equipment and supplies to home care patients, clinics, home care providers, and organizations through direct access to our interactive Web site. The business was started by Maureen Seamonds, the parent of a son who has multiple disabilities and her brother, Dr. Thomas Chambers, an orthopedic surgeon. It is our intention to eliminate the hassles and provide the necessary supplies and equipment in a smarter, faster, and better way.

Maureen's experience as a parent has given her a crusader’s zeal when it comes to making life a little easier for those working with persons with special needs. Dr. Chambers sees the necessity of doctors and clinics providing more specialized equipment and service in a cost-effective manner. We will partner with providers and manufacturers to create efficiencies and new ways of doing business as part of the emerging world of e-commerce.

The U.S. market for home health care is growing due to the increasing number of seniors and persons with chronic illness or disability, medical advances which allow more conditions to be treated at home, and because of the cost pressures which have shortened hospital stays.

We feel that now is the time to provide access to the technology that can streamline the order and delivery process and enable all the different entities involved in home health care to become partners and work collaboratively to provide high-quality service at a reasonable cost. That is our dream and our purpose.

We look forward to answering your questions or providing all your home care needs. We can provide simple desktop access to our site for health care professionals-ask us about our proprietary software solutions.

Please give us a call on our toll-free number 1-888-832-7545, fax (515) 832-4851 or email us at info@mymedmart.com.