Cleaning Your Respironics DreamStation CPAP Device 

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CPAP and Insurance: CPAP purchase price is $1,500. Most insurances do a rent to own over a period of so many months. They rent for $150.00 per month until your rental period is over. Then the machine is owned by you. To get started on getting a CPAP we need a detailed written prescription from your physician, sleep study, and a face to face visit with your physician stating why you need the CPAP. If you don't follow all of the guidelines you are liable to pay private pay for the machine.

CPAP Supplies: Insurance will allow you to replace your mask, headgear, and tubing every six months. In order to do that we need a new prescription from your physician. If you are a new customer, we will also need a copy of your sleep study before we can bill your insurance.

Replacement CPAP Machines: After your rental period is over your insurance starts a five year period. At the end of the five year period you can get a new machine. Insurance will only cover it if it is broken. If your machine isn't broken they won't cover a new one. We need a face to face visit with your physician explaining why you need a new machine, and also a new prescription. 

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