At MyMedMart we understand that dealing with insurance can be difficult and confusing. We will submit claims to Medicare and your private insurance carrier for you.


1. When you would like to bill a product to insurance, you first need to pick the product that you need. Our staff will let you know if it is covered or not.

2. In order to bill your insurance, we need a copy front and back of your card/cards we can not let the product leave the store until we have that.

3. We will need complete demographics from you including, your name, address, date of birth, and social security number. If your insurance is through your employer we need your place of employment also.

4. If your insurance is in someone else's name we will need their name, date of birth and, social security number.

5. We will need a prescription from your physician that states what you need, your diagnosis, the physicians signature, and NPI number.

We have a series of paperwork to do. We try to do it in a timely manner, but if we don't do it correctly insurance won't accept it. 

Do not submit claims directly to Medicare. As a Medicare provider, we are obligated to submit claims to Medicare for you, and we are happy to do so, but Medicare will make the final determination on benefits and will reimburse you directly.

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If you have any questions on billing for an item click on the categories below.


Wheelchair Info

Walker Info

Rollator Info

If the product that you want to be billed to insurance isn't on the list above, it is more than likely not covered by insurance.