Here's a quick overview on MyMedMart's features, along with several practical tips and hints on how to make the most of your every visit. Its simple, red highlighted text ensures that you'll always know where you are on the site, as well as having a handy reminder of exactly how you got there.

If you ever feel you're having trouble, don't hesitate to read the directions; you'll find red-highlighted text prompts (or other directions), all intended to make navigation as easy as possible.

At a display setting of 800 x 600, many pages will require some up and down scrolling in order for you either to view all the available selections or to access important navigational features, so be sure to review each page in its entirety, especially on your first visit. You'll get the most consistent and enjoyable viewing experience if you maximize your browser's window.

If you don't find the answer you need on this page, you may contact our Customer Care Center via email, or via our toll-free phone number 1-888-832-7545.

Instant Reorder 
Looking for fast, easy reordering? In the My Orders feature of Customer Care once you have selected a previous order you can reorder instantly.

Organizational Buy Hold Order 
If you put an order on hold while you sought internal approval or had to have a PO cut, this is where you'll find it. To resume and complete any transaction involving an order on hold, this is the place to pick up to continue.

Registering with MyMedMart qualifies you for special, discounted pricing on all your subsequent purchases! Note that all the starred fields are required; attempting to submit your registration form without completing those fields will result in an error prompt.

Featured Products 
This page displays products that have been discounted, clearance-priced, or marked down to provide you with additional value. If you're a registered MyMedMart customer, they have also been targeted to your individual purchasing preferences, based on your previous buying with us.

We offer insurance claim processing services for covered items in our catalog. To use these services, you must be registered with us and have provided us with your insurance information. You can access our online insurance information form from our insurance page.

Learn about the latest developments in home healthcare from MyMedMart's own Dr. Thomas Chambers and other industry experts.

About Us 
Here's our company's background: who we are, what we're about, and where we're headed.

Our Customers 
Hear what our satisfied customers have to say about us in their very own words!

Shopping Cart 
Your MyMedMart Shopping Cart will hold your purchase selections until you complete your transaction. The shopping process features its own navigation, designed to make each check-out quick and easy. At the bottom of each shopping page you'll see buttons that can take you forward to the next step or back to the previous one. There are also text prompts, highlighted in red, positioned to help you verify your purchase decisions and reinforce the key stages of each transaction. The system won't let you go wrong - if you make a mistake, you'll get a text message with helpful directions on how to make it right.

Our Catalog 
Find any product we carry! To use Search (designed to provide an "open ended" way to locate products) type in any word or phrase you like. Just be sure it's spelled correctly, and you're on your way. You can also access catalog entries by product category or manufacturer's name. If you're in a hurry, you can simply start shopping immediately by clicking on the Shop button.

Shipping and Billing 
You can have products shipped to another address, or even another individual. Simply complete the shipping information if it differs from the billing data you've supplied. If you're making the purchase for yourself and wish to have it shipped to the billing address, you can skip the shipping data fields entirely.

We offer a complete range of delivery options, from UPS Ground to UPS Next Day. If your order totals $100 or more, MyMedMart will ship it free via Ground Delivery anywhere in the continental U.S.! (Excludes disposable incontinence products, solutions, and nutritional supplements).

Charges depend on type of delivery the customer selects.

Most ProductsEXCEPTIONS: Diapers/Depends, nutritional products, solutions
$ 9.95$11.00Ground Delivery
$19.95$28.002nd Day Delivery
Free ShippingFree ShippingAll orders over $100

Our Policies 
You can access our business policies from the Home Page or from the About Us section of the site.