Need help getting around after a surgery? Or just for a special event? Our 18 inch, K1Lite wheelchairs are available to rent by day or monthly! Read below for pricing.

Wheelchairs can be billed to insurance. In order to do so, we need you to be assessed by a physical therapist, and also a prescription. Wheelchairs have to be your primary way to get around. If it isn't, insurance won't cover it.

We carry the standard 18" wheelchair in the store. Our price on the light weight wheelchairs are $495.00. Price goes up depending on what you actually need or want.

Rentals Available

We rent standard 18" wheelchairs also. $55.00 per month, $5.00 a day or $10.00 a day with elevating leg rests. In order to rent we will need a credit card on file.

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